2021 Workshops

Mac at the Shack

We're getting back to business this year with a sweet little series of summer workshops.

Learn to make your own macrame masterpiece with me!

All you need is to show up; I'll provide you with the materials and instruction to create your very own creations.

You may want to Mac at the Shack if you're looking to:

If you're looking to:

  • Get outside on a beautiful summer evening in a picturesque South Portland spot,

  • Craft a no-pressure project with other like-minded creatives,

  • Dip into the world of fiber art with a simple, low-key project,

  • Learn a little about macrame without being overwhelmed with perfect knots,

come macrame with me!

Have you noticed my Instagram isn't ALL macrame anymore? I've learned to S L O W things down a bit and have been practicing staying in the moment. Enjoying what's around me--the people and places. 

So when I starting planning workshops in my head, I realized they can be much more than just macrame. Why not take tools we need to one of my favorite places (the beach) and gather together in a picturesque Maine setting? (This is My Mini Maine after all--I'm constantly inspired by the beauty of nature around me.)


I landed on Mac at the Shack--three in-person, outdoor workshops in July at Fisherman's Point, overlooking two lighthouses and one of South Portland's gems: Willard Beach.

Each class begins with an intro from me on how the project works. You'll break into groups of two people per stand, overlooking the ocean, and create your piece (this should take approximately 30 minutes). After you create your piece, feel free to explore the grounds, take photos (I'll have some areas set up with picnic blankets and props!), look for sea glass, walk on the beach--just enjoy the evening and take it all in.


These projects are designed to be simple (I don't want anyone to be bogged down by techicalities) but fun with the end result being a whimsical piece you get to take home. Each date has a different project:

  • July 15: a potted plant hanger to learn the basics of a classic macrame staple, 

  • July 22: an air plant hanger (you choose the color!) for those who love these little low-key plant babies, and

  • July 29: a moon wall hanging--you get to be creative here with the fabrics you choose and how many knots you want to incorporate. You'll be provided with instruction and all materials needed.

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