Related Projects

     This business has been much more than a creative outlet for me. As a small business owner, I've learned how to effectively engage audiences, create and maintain a brand following, and share beautiful natural environment we live in. A major part of my brand is promoting sustainable products, along with creating and sharing experiences in nature.

     I am passionate about the connections between community, creativity, and nature. Many of my projects are inspired by the beauty of nature around us.

Cozy Creatives Virtual Workshop Series

     Cozy Creatives was a virtual workshop series that ran in February 2021. Each class had a different creative project, facilitated by me, along with complementary theme, such as plant care or gratitude. Part of the proceeds, along with donations, went towards making kits for Maine Needs. This workshop series sold out, along with five VIP kits that included extra goods from local makers.

     Each class had a short "magazine" full of supplemental information I created on Canva and all marketing materials were made using Canva. The event was promoted on Facebook and Instagram, along with through my newsletter.

PDF magazine made in Canva

Mac at the Shack Workshop Series

     This workshop series took place in July 2021 at the Fisherman's Shacks on Willard Beach. A major part of my brand is creating an experience; the idea of this series was to get outside to enjoy nature and create in this beautiful atmosphere. This workshop series sold out, with some classes having a wait list.

     This series was promoted online and used Instagram Reels as a main marketing tool. Flyers and promotional materials were made using Canva. The series was promoted on Instagram, Facebook, and through my newsletter.

Promotional Instagram Reel (no audio)

Promotional Instagram Reel (no audio)

SPLT Woods Walk

     I like to share content related to different hikes, walks, and local adventures on my business social channels. Through my work with the South Portland Planning Board, I learned about the Dow's Woods Trail and the story walk. One spring afternoon, my family and I explored the area and I made an Instagram Reel to get the word out to the local community.

     After this walk, I created a collection of goods and part of the proceeds from the sales went towards the SPLT.

Market -at- Sol Studio

     2020 was a tough year for everyone. Being a small business owner, my and many of my friends' businesses struggled. At the time I leased a space on Ocean Street and decided to create my own market full of Maine makers with private shopping appointments of 1-4 people over the course of two weekends. Nearly every private appointment sold out and a portion of my own sales went towards Black Owned Maine.

     This event was promoted on Instagram and Facebook, along with flyers in local businesses. I used Canva to create a cohesive design for all marketing.


Social media posts made in Canva