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  • Rituals are a great way to calm your mind, guide us in our spirituality, and help ground us in our values. I hope this little gift package inspires you--or your recipient--in creating rituals for yourself!



    -Included in the gift package are three "little soaks", two ounce vials meant for a bath or foot soak:

         -Rose Colored Glasses: a blend of salts and rose

         -Flower Power: a blend of salt and floral accents

         -Hop On In: a blend of salt, eucalyptus, and hops

    -A mini sage smudge stick

    -An amethyst pyramid

    -All wrapped up in a canvas zipper pouch with macrame accents (styles will vary but all have an awsome fringe!). Pouch is approximately 5.5” tall x 8” wide with a zipper closure.


    Note: The Spirit Almanac not included but I encourage you to read it!

    Ritual Gift Bag

    • Please remember that these items are for decorative purposes only—please hang securely and keep out of the reach of children.