It Comes In Waves

It Comes In Waves

A truly magical piece inspired by the Maine coastline, with inspiration from the waves in more ways than one.

Is it just me, or does everything come in waves lately? Happiness, joy, sadness, comes big and strong and washes away like that, only to come back again when (maybe) you don’t expect it.

This piece is a stunning 6’ tall by 4.5’ wide and is made from the eco-friendly rope in natural, blues, and greens.

Weaved throughout are pieces of geode—sparkling like treasures you’d find on the shore—hand-wired in gold wire, along with wooden beads, rings, and sustainable raffia ribbon.

The top of the piece is meant to symbolize the bubbles and ocean as a wave breaks and comes to shore, and it trickles down to differing wave patterns towards the bottom of the piece.

Hangs from locally sourced driftwood, cut and sanded down.

Due to size, local pick up (or drop off) only.

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