Festival Wreaths

Festival Wreaths

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These funky macrame rings remind me of a tamborine with fabric flowing from them as they jingle! Definitely a nod to my love of 60s/70s aesthetic.


Rings are 10" wide and are one-of-a-kind. Perfect to add a little flair to your walls or even a (covered) door.


Made from a metal ring and recycled cotton macrame cord. Each ring has a crystal and a variety of media--macrame cord, recycled sari silk, textured yarns--hanging from the side.


Choose from yellow with citrine crystals, black + white with selenite, or aloe with blue kyanite and clear quartz.

  • While these are wreaths, I would keep them in a protected place. A door is fine as long as it's interior or on a covered porch!

  • Sale items cannot be returned.

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