Circular Wall Hangings

Circular Wall Hangings


Made from the dreamiest combination of colors and textures. These two wall hangings are made from 10” wide gold hoops and a variety of recycled sari silk, cotton cord, and cotton fringe fibers.


SOLD OUT//Looking Glass is made in blue hues and features one of a kind, hand dyed blue cord and a blue-tinted agate slice. Hangs approximately 24” long.


Queen of Hearts is made from a combination of taupe and mauve colored fibers and features raffia ribbon and wooden beads. Hangs approximately 27” long.


White Rabbit is made from natural and taupe colored fibers and raffia ribbon with wooden beads. Hangs approximately 26” long.


SOLD OUT//Golden Afternoon is made up of mauve and natural fibers and introduces purple cord. It features an agate slice hanging from pink wire. Hangs approximately 27” long.


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