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Autumn Adventures in Maine: Ovens Mouth Preserve

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Fall is a welcome transition for me this year. Summer was awful--personally, but also because much of it was so rainy that we couldn't do much.


Luckily, autumn here in Southern Maine is beautiful. The air is just starting to get crisp and it smells like campfires when I walk in the morning. The leaves crunch under my feet and speckle the roadway in hues of yellow, orange, and red. Front steps are decorated with pumpkins and spooky skeletons for Halloween. Can you tell I love fall?

We've gone hiking for the past two weekends and it's been spectacular to get out into the woods and just breathe the fresh air. This past weekend we drove to Boothbay to Ovens Mouth Preserve, where we hiked for about an hour and a half before heading to the Botanical Gardens for their last day--they're beginning to put lights up for Gardens Aglow!

Ovens Mouth Preserve is part of the Boothbay Region Land Trust. It's about 1.5 hour drive from Portland, give or take. It's a wonderful place to hike if you're not looking to climb a mountain or have children and/or pets, and features over five miles of trails.

The preserve has everything: woods, water, vistas, a marsh...and a bridge! The preserve is actually made of two peninsulas that connect with a bridge. To get to the bridge was our goal; we hikes the west peninsula to take up extra time before our garden reservation. We stopped at a small vista by the bridge and stepped out on rocks to have a small drink and snack...but mostly to enjoy the view. The water was a beautiful aqua with brightly colored buoys bobbing up and down.

It had just rained the night before so it was a little slippery with all of the fallen leaves, but we spotted a ton of mushrooms and interesting ecosystems as we made our way through the trail. We also came across some dogs and birds.

And while I was taking it all in, I gained a ton of inspiration for new pieces.

Did you know? Most of my wall hangings are inspired by the nature around me here in Maine. I draw inspiration for not only the names of my pieces but also colors and textures. Today I finished up a piece inspired by Ovens Mouth that I'm hoping to post this week. You can check out some of my latest pieces here.

You can also visit my Amazon storefront at Amazon.com/shop/myminimaine, where I have a list of things my family and I use on our Maine hikes! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


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