About Me

Maine Made + One-of-a-Kind


Hi! My name is Dana. I was born and raised in Maine, left to "get away" for college (Endicott College, go Gulls!), got my first real job at a publishing company in Boston, and moved back to this magical, beautiful, serene state when my husband and I started our little family.

I spent my days at home with our baby and started a freelance editorial business. Once we had our second child, I needed MORE. Being a stay-at-home mom, wife, and work-from-home business woman were all important titles but they didn't give me the creative outlet I craved. So, I started My Mini Maine.

It began as sea glass art. My family and I would visit the local beaches and scour the sand for hours. I started collecting driftwood and making wall hangings with different materials. I also made air plant holders from beach stones. One summer I started selling my goods at the local Farmer's Market when my wall hangings evolved into macrame and my rock plant holders evolved into work with crystals and plants. 

Although you may not be getting a piece of Maine sea glass from me anymore, I strive to integrate locally sourced materials into my goods whenever possible. And while each product may not have a literal piece from Maine in it, it was lovingly handmade in my studio right here on the coast. Each piece you purchase from me is a little piece of love from Maine.

And now here I am. It's crazy to look back at how this hobby turned into a business. And not only did my business evolve, but I did too! I've learned about crystals and their properties, really delved into the importance of self care--mindfulness, meditation, yoga, herbs + apothecary--and have honestly learned that it's not really work when it's something you love! On top of it all, I've met so many inspirational, caring, kind makers, business owners, entrepreneurs, couples, students, and friends along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit my site! I hope you find something you love.



Social Responsibility

It's important to me and my customers! Below are examples of how I practice.

  • Much of my macrame is made from recycled cotton and is eco-friendly. I primarily use Ganxxet cord--a company that uses sustainable practices for creating cord, including colored cord.

  • The wood we use for swings/shelving is reclaimed from different locations around Southern Maine. You can choose low VOC stain as an option as well.
  • I recently made the decision to discontinue the sale of Palo Santo due to its endangered status. I also do not sell smudge sticks or abalone shells.
  • I use recycled packaging materials whenever possible.
  • Any stick used in a wall hanging has been responsibly sourced from local beaches.
  • I give back whenever possible. A portion of money made from featured collections throughout the year goes towards local initiatives such as Black Owned Maine (2020, money raised from the Market @ Sol Studio) and Maine Needs (2021, money raised from the With Love collection).